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Enter your Bitcoin forward to address, the second change address is optional(more level of anonymity if used):

Bitcoin Anonimization Services

💸 Your money will be returned to addresses specified above. You can adjust time return manually, we recommend a minium 6 hours.

Service fee: 4.5% + 0.007 BTC |

Our fully automated system do not store logs or any information used in transactions.

Anti Tracking Technology

Giving our users the latest anti-tracking technology
Top level anonymity on bitcoin network

Improve your Bitcoin Privacy

For just a fee of 4.5%

No registration / No logs / Anonymous

We do not store logs, all information necessary for transaction processing is deleted immediately after order completion beyond the expiration of the address life for non-executed requests.

The latest bitcoin mixing software

Even though TheCoinMixer is highly optimized and works 24/7, it may always happen that you have some questions or there is something else we can help you with

Letters of Guarantee

Our service provides "Letters of Guarantee" that show the obligation of 100% of our service. You must keep these letters until the end of the anonimization service, to give you the additional security of being able to deal with any disputes that may arise.

About the algorithm

Our algorithm takes the best of existing bitcoin mixers, it has been developed for the complete anonymization of bitcoin, the ability to receive BTC from the most prestigious world currency exchanges has been added.